11th August 2016 - NEW Software

FI V2.305 of the FluorImager Application is now available to download from the Download Page. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE LATEST VERSION, AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT UPDATES AND FIXES.

We are also developing:

  • IsoLight Stand Alone light bricks
  • Ambient lighting control
  • Plant Conditioning units

Watch here for information on which trade shows and conferences our team will be attending.

World Leaders in Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging and Analytical Instruments for the Biological Sciences


Since 2001, Technologica has pioneered in the field of chlorophyll fluorescence imaging.

It's flagship product, the CF Imager, is the world's most sophisticated chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system.

Developed at the University of Essex, the system is based around a unique blue LED lighting system and a high performance, continuous scan CCD camera.

CF Imager - The world's most sophisticated chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system.

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