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FluorImager License Agreement
LicenseAgreement.html 11 KB
FI FluorImager V2.305 Setup Lite NEW
FluorImagerSetupLiteV2_305.exe 1.3 MB

Setup Lite installs the lastest release of the FluorImager application only. It includes "Additions to Manual", but does not include main manuals or drivers.
It is intended for Upgrade, Stand Alone or Demo use. To upgrade, it should be installed on top of your existing version.
If you have an older version, then please download and install this FREE upgrade before you contact Technical Support for any issues you might have.

V2.305 - released 11th August 2016 Show Changes



Adobe Reader
  • Presentation
  • cfImager_Presentation.pdf9.0 MB
  • Quick Start
  • cfImager_QuickStart.pdf0.9 MB
  • How To Guide
  • cfImager_HowToGuide.pdf3.3 MB
  • User Manual
  • cfImager_UserManual.pdf1.5 MB
  • Additions to Manual
  • cfImager_UserManualChanges.pdf40 KB


    Flash Animations

    Adobe Flash

    Recorded at 1280 x 960 (will look distorted if playback is reduced)

  • Setting Up Zonelines
  • zonelines.swf8.0 MB
  • Setting Up Colonies
  • colonies2.swf5.0 MB


    Example Imager (IGR) Files

    Must have FluorImager installed

    FI Arabadopsis - Well PlateArabadopsis example.igr1.7 MB
    FI Wheat - Large LeavesMn deficient wheat x 4.igr10.6 MB
    FI Tobacco - ColonyTobacco x 12 (colony + region).igr2.4 MB


    Technical support for users

    Please use our contact page